Feed Your Plants With Food Waste

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TrashCan™ is just part of a larger movement that has more and more people looking for better ways to be healthy and smart about how we grow. Check out the latest tips, trends and news as we progress toward our goal of a 100% food waste fertilizer.

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Top 12 Best Plants For Your New Apartment

Thinking of dressing up your apartment with some houseplants? An important factor to consider when choosing plants is how much natural light your apartment gets. If your apartment has a few windows that receive good sun exposure, then you can consider plants that need...

Get Growing: How to Build Your Indoor Greenhouse

Looking to liven up your small, poorly lit apartment? An indoor greenhouse is the perfect solution to bring some life and light into your home. Greenhouses are ideal places for starting seeds and growing plants that thrive in warmer, more humid climates. They work by...

The Top 10 Plants that Repel Mosquitos (w/Growing Tips)

Sick of getting eaten alive while you try to relax outdoors? Sure, bug spray and candles work. But, who wants to inhale that stuff all the time? There’s a far better, more natural, alternative, to bombing your outdoor space with bug repellents. Growing these 10 plants...

A TrashCan™ Growers Guide to Healthier Plants

So you want to grow better plants? Feeding them with food waste can do just that, which is why at TrashCan™ we use it as our #1 ingredient. Unlike chemical fertilizers, TrashCan™ lasts for months not weeks and provides long-lasting nutrition with slow-release nitrogen...