Feed Your Plants With Food Waste

Thinking of dressing up your apartment with some houseplants?

An important factor to consider when choosing plants is how much natural light your apartment gets.

If your apartment has a few windows that receive good sun exposure, then you can consider plants that need moderate to bright light. However, if your space doesn’t get much natural light, you’ll need to choose plants that can survive in that condition.

Best Plants for Apartments with Indirect to Bright Light:

If you’re one of the lucky few whose apartment gets decent natural light, then these six plants are all great options regardless of your experience as a plant grower:

1. Ficus Bonsai – This hardy tree can survive as long as its basic needs are met. Be sure to water it when soil feels dry, but isn’t fully dried out, and place where it can receive plenty of indirect sunlight.

2. Cactus – These eye-catching plants only need watering about once a week, and can help notify you whether they need more or less light. If color turns yellow/orange they’re getting too much light, and if they’re stretching hard towards the light, they’re getting too little.

3. Lucky Bamboo – Lucky bamboo can be grown in water, which makes it a more low-maintenance plant than most. Add rocks at the bottom to keep your plant stable, and change out the water every week or two.

4. Aloe Vera – This multi-functional succulent needs bright light and good drainage to thrive, but provides a plethora of benefits for your skin in return.

5. Chinese Money Plant – These quirky looking plants are a bit on the expensive side, but are good for apartments with lots of indirect light. Make sure they have good drainage and water when soil is mostly dry.

6. Begonias – These colorful plants are great for bright foliage or continuous flowering, depending which variety you choose. If your bathroom has a window, try growing these there, as they’ll love the humidity and indirect light.


Best Plants for Apartments with Low Light:

Even if you’re a first-time plant parent, these six plants can survive in low light without much care, which makes them perfect for the brown-thumb, the traveler and the generally forgetful.

1. Green Jade Pothos – This ivy relative is great at hanging and climbing, if you’re looking for a plant to cover a little more space. They prefer low light and are great for filtering the air in your apartment, though it’s important to note that they are poisonous and should be kept away from pets and children.

2. Cast Iron Plant – Aptly named, this plant can tolerate most levels of temperature and light, which makes them great for apartments and adaptable if you tend to rearrange often.

3. Snake Plant – One of the most tolerant plants, these plants don’t need to be watered often (in fact it’s bad for them) and can tolerate most levels of light.

4. Peace Lily – This sturdy plant needs minimal light, as it grows naturally on the forest floor. It tends to prefer humid environments and can produce white flowers.

5. ZZ Plant – Virtually indestructible, this plant can tolerate extremely low levels of light and can endure months of neglect and still thrive.

6. Rattlesnake Plant – For windowless bathrooms, a rattlesnake plant is a great option as it thrives in low light and humidity.

Whether your apartment has good lighting or not, there are quite a few options for low-maintenance plants that can bring some life into your abode. Most plants require extra nutrition during the summer months, but with TrashCan™ fertilizer, just one application can keep your plants thriving for over two months.