Feed Your Plants With Food Waste

Wondering what to get for the plant lover in your life? There’s no such thing as having too many plants or too much plant-themed décor!

We’ve rounded up the best indoor plant gift ideas, so you can give any plant lover the perfect present to suit their personality.


1. Plant Cutting

First things first, what is a more personal gift than a cutting from your own collection? If you’re feeling truly generous, take a trimming from one of your more rare plants, like a Pilea or String of Pearls, propagate it and replant it in a cute, new pot.

2. New Plant

On the other hand, you could skip the work of propagating and potting and choose pre-potted plants as gifts. For beginning growers, try sending something resilient like a snake plant. For the more experienced growers, consider gifting a Ficus “Audrey”—the slightly less finicky relative of the Fiddle Leaf Fig.

3. Plant Ornaments

Help deck out their home with even more plants. These felt succulent ornaments are adorable, handmade and make for great decor.

4. Handmade Planters

Gift some handmade planters to match anyone’s ~vibe~ and take their plant display to the next level.

5. Watering Bulbs

Gift the gift of peace of mind with watering bulbs. This invention waters soil only when it needs it, and can last for weeks so there’s no need to worry about daily watering.

6. Helpful Books

Books are the gifts that keep on giving. There are so many great books about houseplant care to choose from – try looking at this list of Amazon best sellers to help narrow it down.

7. Personalized Tools

Add a personal touch to your gift by getting a set of engraved potting tools. This set is a good size for houseplant care and comes in a matte black with wooden handles for engraving.

8. An Indoor Greenhouse

Go big or go home with an indoor greenhouse! You can buy one online, or build your own from store-bought or household items. It’s the perfect place to grow succulents, tropical plants or herbs.

9. Real Plant Jewelry

Let your friends wear their love for plants with jewelry made from real flowers and leaves kept in resin. This jewelry is both beautiful and unique.

10. Pruning Scissors

Whether for trimming herbs or shaping a bonsai – a good pair of pruning scissors will be a useful gift to any plant grower.

11. Seed Bombs

For an intriguing surprise, get these seed bombs with a variety of herbs and leafy greens inside! These are a great, ecofriendly way to plant seeds in bulk.

12. Plant Mister

For the succulent obsessed, try gifting a plant mister. This one is a vintage style that comes in four different colors.

13. Plant Print

Get artsy with it and get a plant print to hang on the wall or stand on a bookcase. There are tons of different styles to choose from.

14. Monstera Coasters

These laser-cut coasters will fit with any interior design scheme and they’re shaped like the ever-popular monstera leaves.

15. Plant Care Checklists

For your forgetful friend, get these plant care checklists so they know how and when to water and care for each of their plants.

16. Plant Mug

Warm toasty beverages deserve to get in on the plant love too. We’re fans of this plant print mug or anything with a cute saying.

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