Feed Your Plants With Food Waste

So you want to grow better plants? Feeding them with food waste can do just that, which is why at TrashCan™ we use it as our #1 ingredient. Unlike chemical fertilizers, TrashCan™ lasts for months not weeks and provides long-lasting nutrition with slow-release nitrogen that won’t burn out your soil.

Before you start to use it though, it’s important to note: Are you an established plant grower or starting from scratch? Are you growing vegetables, perennials, annuals and bedding plants – or are you growing potted plants? Your answers matter, because each type of plant requires different levels of nutrients to thrive.

Pro Planting Tip: Mix TrashCan™ into the first few inches of your soil. Don’t just leave it sitting on top, that’s not a very effective strategy to feed the microbes in your soil. Mix it in, and water well. Healthy soil will retain moisture better than burnt out, over fertilized, chemical-ridden soil. Because after all, healthy soil is the key to healthy plants.

Here’s a quick low-down on how to use TrashCan™ according to your growing preferences:

  • For new veggies, annuals, perennials or bedding plants:
    Start by sprinkling one cup of TrashCan™ fertilizer along a five-foot section of row. Work the fertilizer into the top 6-12 inches of soil, and water it well.
  • For new potted plants:
    Mix a half-cup of Trashcan™ fertilizer into each gallon of potting soil you use. Water thoroughly after mixing.
  • For established veggies, annuals, perennials or bedding plants:
    Start by sprinkling one cup of TrashCan™ fertilizer along a ten-foot section of row. Mix it into the top 6-12 inches of soil and water it well.
  • For established potted plants:
    Use four tablespoons of Trashcan™ fertilizer per each foot in diameter of your pots. Gently work the fertilizer into the potting soil, and water thoroughly afterward.

Lastly, don’t forget to apply new portions of TrashCan™ fertilizer every two months during growing season. Yep, say goodbye to reapplying every other week! We’ve got you covered for a couple months at a time.

Contact us to learn more about how you can get healthier plants with TrashCan™ – the 4-4-4 all-purpose, organic fertilizer made with food-waste.